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Training Details:


Training in the craft of photography as practiced in the 21st century.
Advice on the purchase of equipment.
Setting up and using digital cameras.
Understanding lenses, shutter speeds, apertures, depth of field, exposure and colour spaces.

Advice on the purchase and setting up a digital workstation for photography.

Computer Imaging
I run workshops in computer manipulation of images using Gimp, and other Open Source Software, also on Xnview, Photoshop and other programmes. Sessions are available at different levels, but I specialise in working with photographers and providing training for the education sector.

I am keen to promote Open Source Software.

I offer a free introduction to Linux.

Web Design
I can teach basic web design using html coding with Bluefish.

Training is available for individuals or businesses in all of these areas.

I maintain a free 'online' training resource and a selection on PDF files on various aspects of digital imaging, both of which can be accessed from the menu on the left.