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Downloading the information pages.

Most of these files are in the pdf format and you should be able to download them using the right mouse button which will give you the option to save link, or save target as. The two calibration images are saved as .jpg files, again the right click save as option should work. If you simply click on the links, most browsers will open the pdf files in a new tab or window.



Calibration Print SRGB - jpg image
Calibration Print ARGB - jpg images



How and why colleges and universities operated in a restricting environment.
Why colleges should not teach 'Photoshop'
        Digital Imaging Consultancy from The Universody
The Digital Darkroom
Photographic work flow
RawTherapee Raw image program
Dedicated Wide Format Printing Facility
Image Preparation for Print
Image Preparation for Black and White Prints
Calibration / Colour Management
Notes on setting-up and using a DSLR
Basic Camera Use / Apertures and Shutter Speed
Camera Use / Controls
Aspect Ratio for Print
Scanning from Film
Digital copying of Film
Notes on Film and Film Processing
ICC Profiles