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I believe in the concept of Intermediate Technology.

My definition is:  'using available tools simply'.
It may seem that a computer is rather more high-tech than intermediate technology, but they are now a common tool in the workplace, in schools and in most of the homes in the country. You can buy a computer on Ebay for £20 that will allow you to work on images, video and sound. For around £50 you can buy one that will allow you to do that quickly and efficiently, running on a Linux O.S.

My philosophy is to take what is available, adapt it, look for the simplest way, instead of buying a solution. I enjoy the learning process and it is important for me to understand the technology that I work with. I build computers for fun and enjoy the process of learning the craft of photography and exploring the opportunities opened up by digital imaging.

My computers ( I have lots of them ! ) are all build from second hand components. Most run quad core processors and have 8gb of ram. The technology in most is between 5 and 10 years old, but they allow me to undertake all the work I require; quickly and efficiently.
On average they have cost me about £50 each.

The development of the Linux operating system has helped to promote the use of open source software enabling the processes of image manipulating, web site design, video editing and desk top publishing to become accessible to all.