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Welcome to my Digital Universe

The Universe of Digital Imaging (Y)
An exercise in vanity publishing
and a serious attempt to change the way people think about and work with images.

I am a photographer and teacher/trainer of the craft of photography.
I have been working with digital images for over 25 years
and have been shooting with digital cameras for nearly 20 years.
I offer training in digital imaging and manipulation.
I specialise in the use of computers and in the control and production of photographic images.
Training for professionals and inset training for education.
This can include advice on purchase and setting up of equipment, including cameras, lenses, digital workstations and software.
I believe in an open approach to working methods and I think and that understanding the processes is important.

In the past few years the development of the Linux operating system has enabled the use of free software reducing the overall costs involved in the process of image manipulating and web site design. This has made it possible for me to work in ways and in areas that I could only dream of when I started taking pictures.

I work with people enabling them to make best use of the opportunities that computer technology provides.


I use computers running a customised version of Linux and am keen to share my love of Linux and Open Source Software but I have used and can teach a wide range of processes on different computer systems from image capture through image manipulation to preparation for different printing processes.
I also help artists and photographers in the creation of books and web sites used to promote their work.

I maintain an 'online' training resource and a selection on PDF files on various aspects of digital imaging, both of which can be accessed from the Training menu.

Alan Winn

This site is created using Open Source Software.
It is, has always been and will continue to be, a work in progress.

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