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James Ravilious / Beaford Archive

In addition to 'traditional' printing for photographer James Ravilious I have scanned and / or prepared for printing over 1000 of his images.

Beaford Workflow
Scan image at 4000dpi in RGB (Nikon 9000 film scanner)
Add Meta Data and save as .tif in scanned folder
Crop and resize to 18"x12" @300 dpi
Desaturate image
Prepare for print - Adjust levels, contrast, curves, digital burn and dodge
Save as in prepared folder

Batch conversions for print
Separate landscape from portrait images
Batch Resize images to 12"x 8"
Batch resize canvas to 15"x10"
Apply Beaford copyright text
Save in print folder

Batch conversions for Screen / Web
Batch resize images to 768 pixels for screen
Save in web/screen folder